Loddie Doddie Chalkboards Are One Of A Kind

A trusty chalkboard is one of the best tools to have around – you never know when you’ll need to jot down a note or draw up a design, and having a smooth magnetic surface to rely on is the perfect option for teachers, artists, business owners, and all other kinds of chalk fans and enthusiasts.

What special features do our chalkboards have?

Finding the perfect writing surface for your home, office, or classroom is made easy when using a Loddie Doddie magnetic chalkboard. Here are some of the features we’ve come up with over the years:

  • Premium non-porous chalkboard surfaces
  • Coated steel magnetic bases – all our chalkboards are magnetic
  • High-quality, sturdy wooden and metal frames
  • Hanging hardware included – no special skills or tools necessary
  • Easy to clean off with a damp cloth
  • No chalk ghosting or leftover marks
  • Specialty boards including calendars, easels, and signs

What is the best way to use chalkboards?

A chalkboard is more than just a simple note-taking surface – when used right, these boards can help you organize classrooms and solve problems, brainstorm, teach others, and even help you host events or meetings.

While there’s no truly wrong way to use a chalkboard, here are a few of our favorite uses:

  • Organize and update grocery shopping and to-do lists
  • Plan out meal schedules for the whole household
  • Divide and assign chores among family and housemates
  • Keep track of important dates and appointments with a chalkboard calendar
  • Create a visually stunning sign for businesses or event
  • Leave silly love-notes for your special someone
  • Hang paper notes and reminders via the magnetic surface
  • Brainstorm, doodle, draw, and erase as much as you need

Why should you use non-porous chalkboards?

All of our chalkboards are non-porous, and for good reason too. A non-porous chalkboard surface allows you to draw or write in detail, before erasing and starting over. The surface of a porous board is filled with numerous microscopic pores, adding a bit of texture that ends up trapping regular chalk, sidewalk chalk, and liquid chalk ink.

When used on one of these chalkboards, chalk markers leave behind stains that can be impossible to clean off, rendering your board useless in terms of reusability. Compared to traditional blackboards, non-porous boards are designed with a smooth, non-textured surface that doesn't require any special care beyond cleaning with a simple damp cloth.

Which chalk markers and accessories work best on our boards?

The best kind of chalk markers for non-porous magnetic chalkboards are liquid chalk markers, a type of marker that uses quick-drying pigment to mimic the look of a classic stick of chalk. While these markers aren’t truly chalk, when dry, they have a smooth matte finish that resembles the real deal.

We have a wide selection of markers available, as well as a few other chalk accessories and dry erase products to choose from: