Loddie Doddie Sidewalk Chalk

Explore our sidewalk chalk options, ranging from our 50 count tub of colorful sticks to our succulent drawing kit and classic black and white sticks – giving you a range of choices perfect for all types of creative kiddos. No matter what age you are, using sidewalk chalk to draw and write while getting some sun is always a fun time.

What makes our sidewalk chalk different?

Picking out the right kind of sidewalk chalk for your kids saves you from future headaches. Cleaning up piles of hard to wash off, dusty sidewalk chalk is never fun, which is why you’ll love using ours. Reviews speak for themselves, but here are some of the top reasons to use our chalk:

  • Easily cleaned up and washed off without the risk of stains
  • Non-toxic and dust-free formulation, your child’s safety is our first concern
  • A tapered chalk stick body – allowing even the smallest hands to sketch and draw
  • 12+ different sidewalk chalk colors, including classic black and white

Who might want to use sidewalk chalk – and what for?

While anyone can use sidewalk chalk, it does happen to be an incredibly useful tool for kids to learn and draw without the stress of a permanent mess. Set your kiddos up with a bucket of sidewalk chalk and you’ll soon be watching them spend their summer afternoon days doodling away on a bit of concrete.

Adults can enjoy sidewalk chalk too, of course – here are some of our favorite uses overall:

  • Drawing, doodling, writing, and sketching on sidewalks and pavement
  • Filling in neighborhood hopscotch grids, four-square courts, and twister or tic-tac-toe games
  • Organizing events at schools – make sure to involve students!
  • Tracing silhouettes and shadows
  • Teaching hand-eye coordination and visual motor skills

Can you use sidewalk chalk on a chalkboard?

Sidewalk chalk can be used on chalkboards, but it’s very easy to scratch them. For this reason, we recommend you don’t use any of our sidewalk chalk on our magnetic, non-porous chalkboards – the reason sidewalk chalk tends to scratch chalkboards is due to what they’re made from, a naturally coarse mineral.

Do kids really still play with sidewalk chalk?

While it’s true that gaming and watching shows or movies are popular ways for kids to have fun nowadays, drawing with sidewalk chalk is still one of the best ways to get them outside. Drawing with friends outside gives kids an engaging and entertaining way to hang out in the sun – and it’s one of the best activities for young children with lots of creative energy.

Can adults use sidewalk chalk?

You don’t have to be a child to use sidewalk chalk – in fact, helping your kids draw and learn is both an affordable and relaxing way to spend time together. Not only that, but sidewalk chalk can be used by artists of all ages across the world to create visually stunning designs and drawings without the pressure of a permanent mess.