Experience Smooth & Stunning Note-taking & Drawing With Loddie Doddie Gel Pens

If you don’t already have a favorite gel pen you often find yourself reaching for while at home or on-the-go, you’re going to want to try our silky smooth fine-tip gel pens out.

Perfect for busy minds and hands who need a bit of organization as well as kids searching for a reliable gel pen to bring to school – we’ve made it part of our mission at Loddie Doddie to always provide you with high-quality writing utensils.

Loddie Doddie gel pen features

Featuring a specialty cast of assorted colors and tones, our gel pens were designed with smooth, skip-free flow in mind. Within our largest option that comes with an additional plastic travel case, you’ll find a mix of 24 assorted colors with neon, glitter, metallic, and pastel undertones.

If retractable gel pens are better for your on-the-go lifestyle, consider picking up our 18 pack of satin barrel retractable pens – these gel pens include 0.7mm durable tips that glide just as smoothly as those included in our gel pen set.

You'll be able to enjoy all of these gel pen features:

  • Non-toxic and acid-free, our gel pens make the perfect addition to any gift box
  • Our gel pen's ink flows smoothly and evenly, without any skipping or mess
  • A range of vibrant colors perfect for doodling or serious note taking

Who might enjoy using a gel pen?

Gel pens can be used for anything a regular pen or pencil can be, including creating works of art. Glossy illustrations will be at your fingertips when using our pens – draw detailed illustrations, do a bit of artistic journaling, or simply just doodle with our silky gel pens whenever it strikes your fancy.

You don’t have to be an artist to use our pens, however. Gel pens are an incredibly popular choice for note taking and everyday applications like writing grocery lists as well. Stop torturing yourself with dry, streaky pens that don’t hold a point or feel satisfying to write with.

What are the best gel pens for coloring?

If you’re someone who loves to draw or has luckily raised an artistic kiddo, you’ll want to pick up our 24 pack of gel pens, as this pack includes all of our most vibrant color tones and hues.

You may also want to consider browsing our dry erase boards and dry erase markers, another excellent option for anyone with lots of artistic energy – or even better, pick up a magnetic chalkboard with a set of chalk markers. If you do grab some chalk-related goodies, you’ll want to read our chalkboard FAQ and chalk marker FAQ posts as well.

How long does a gel pen last?

Gel pens can last quite a long time, depending on how you’re using them. If you use all the colors in equal amounts, it’s likely that each gel pen will last months to around a year of average use. Over time, you'll find out which ink color you enjoy most.

If you want all your gel pens to last a long time, the main thing to avoid doing is using a particular color too much more than others – for example, if you’re taking lots of notes, try to switch up which ink color you use each week so you don’t run out of something important too fast.