Shop The Best Dry Erase Markers At Loddie Doddie

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dry erase markers to pair with your dry erase board, you’re lucky you’ve stumbled upon our shop. At Loddie Doddie, we specialize in creating office and school supplies perfect for both adults and children.

Choose between our fine tip and chisel tip point dry erase markers, both of which come in a range of colors perfect for brainstorming and note-taking.

How are our dry erase markers different from others?

With so many different brands to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down a choice when it comes to whiteboard markers. Here’s what you can expect from ours when you shop at Loddie Doddie:

  • 12 unique colors – you won’t find these unique marker shades anywhere else
  • Our dry markers are magnetic, never misplace your pens again
  • Eraser caps that pop back on easily after use and wipe off marker easily
  • No ghosting or staining, when used on an appropriate surface
  • Fine point tips for bold designs and detailed drawings
  • Chisel point tips with a punch for teachers and students

What are dry erase markers best used on?

The best way to use our magnetic dry erase markers is, of course, on one of our magnetic dry erase boards. Simply open up your new pack of magnetic markers, draw and write, and then hang them up when you’re done with them. Here are some ideas:

  • Create stunning lesson plans for your students – at home or in school
  • Draw and design fun murals and landscapes with your kids, which are easily erased
  • Plan and organize your shopping lists, deadlines, and business plans

With that being said, you can also use these markers on any other non-porous surface as well if needed. That is, on surfaces such as glass or plastic – any surface the marker won't bleed through or stain.

What dry erase accessories pair well with our dry erase markers?

Aside from pairing your whiteboard markers with dry erase boards, you’ll also want to pick up a magnetic board cleaning kit – these easy-to-clean erasers are the best way to wipe and clean off your board after using it.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of dry erase products in general, you may also enjoy using our signature chalk markers and chalkboards – while these aren’t exactly the same as dry erase markers, they can be used in similar ways. Unlike other brands, our chalk markers are easily erased from most non-porous surfaces, just like our dry erase markers.

Make sure to check out our chalk marker FAQ and chalkboard FAQ posts if you want to know more.