50ct Tub of Sidewalk Chalk- 12 Unique Colors

50ct Tub of Sidewalk Chalk- 12 Unique Colors

Beautiful Colors

"I love that no 2 colors are the same in this pack. You really get 24 different colors. The colors are so bright and bold on my chalkboard. I love my new Loddie Doddie chalk markers!"

– Matthew S. / Verified Buyer

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  • Quality- Non-Toxic, safe to use Side Walk Chalk perfect for ages 4+. Minimal dust formulation means less mess and easy clean up!
  • Easy-To-Use- Tapered chalk stick design makes this chalk easy to hold for even the littlest artist. The tapered design prevents the chalk sticks from rolling away!
  • Convenient- Reusable Plastic bucket with handle and lid makes clean up and organizing a breeze! Pack up the chalk activity when you are finished and store away for the next use!
  • Creative- Allow your creative mind to go wild with this big bucket of bright classic sidewalk chalk with 8 unique colors! Create beautiful artwork on your sidewalk, driveway or street. Fun activity for boys, girls, teens and adults!
  • Giftable- Perfect gift for birthday parties, Easter baskets, summer parties and more!

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