A decorative chalkboard with chalk markers.

Craft Ideas Using Chalk Markers

Have you ever purchased chalk markers but had no idea what to do with them when you got home? If so, you aren’t alone. 

The markers are interesting, create bright colors, and are long-lasting, but the big question is – how can you use them?

What’s awesome is that you can easily do more than a few projects with chalk markers. Keep reading to get some great ideas. 

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Christmas ornaments with peoples names in chalk marker

Image: @loddiedoddieco

When you use chalk markers, whatever you do isn’t permanent. It’s possible to erase, change, and update anything. 

Do you love getting your home organized? Are you purchasing containers for all your different kitchen staples and accidentally using them in the laundry room? If so, why not use your chalk markers to make labels for these containers to help keep things in their proper place. 

You can even draw pictures if you’re feeling creative

Tile Art

Do you have plain colored tiles in your home? If so, these are the ideal canvas for your chalk markers. Again, your imagination is your only limit

Before you start a new project, it may be helpful to sketch out what you want to draw. After that, you will have a guide for what you want to create. 

If you plan to use chalk markers for decorating tiles, clean the surface you are decorating well first. You can use hot, soapy water or even alcohol to remove any oil, grease, or dirt on the tiles. Also, make sure you dry the surface well before getting started. 

Welcome Signs 

Wedding sign on a chalkboard
image: @loddiedoddieco

Are you in charge of an upcoming event, such as a birthday party, wedding, or something else? If so, you can put your chalk markers to use

In this case, you can use the markers to create large signs to welcome guests and provide directions. You can even use the markers to create menus for the event, guest seating charts, and more. Even better, it’s easy to clean the marker off after the event, allowing you to use the supplies again and again. 

Birthday or First Day of School Chalkboard 

girl holding a chalkboard on her first day of school

Have you seen the cute posts on social media of children holding up a customized chalkboard with their age, name, and all their favorite things? This is another excellent use for your chalk markers. 

While your kids may not be too excited about it now, one day, they will love to look back at all the pictures and memories you collected through the years. 

Mirror Messages

Do you have mirrors that would be perfect for messages? With your chalk markers, you can leave love notes for your spouse or inspirational messages for your kids with confidence that you can erase with ease. 

You can also draw fun pictures or scenes for holidays and birthdays. It’s a wonderful way to add some fun and whimsy to your house without doing anything that takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money, or is hard to remove.  

Are you ready to use chalk markers for your projects? If so, get started with a four-count pack of primary colors. You’ll love all the fun you can have!

4ct pack of white chalk markers

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chalkboard calendar

You can use almost any type of chalkboard surface and your chalk markers to create a calendar. One of the best parts of this particular type of craft is getting as creative as possible. Also, the calendar can be reused, and all you’ll need to do is change the dates from month to month

If you’re feeling extremely creative, you can add pictures and images based on holidays or events that month. 

Use Them to Help with Your Move

Do you move often? Or do you have a move coming up that you are dreading? No matter the situation, staying organized while moving is a must. To do this, you’ll want to label everything you can. 

There’s no doubt that the moving process can get hectic. Because of this, you want to take all the steps you can to keep things organized

Instead of using traditional cardboard boxes, which can get wet, damaged, and infested with bugs, consider using plastic totes. You can then use your chalk markers to write what is inside with these containers. 

If you move often, you can store the pre-labeled totes and have them ready to go when you move again. This will help take a ton of stress and hassle out of the moving process

Window Art for Your Kids 

You can use your white or black chalk marker to create fun pictures for your children to color in. While you may not want them coloring on the walls, there’s no question they will love this activity

While using chalk markers can be a little messy for kids, it’s more than worth the fun they will have. When they are done, you can easily remove the picture and start again


Chalk markers will help you personalize almost anything. It will also feel permanent without actually being permanent. 

If you love to make stuff and want to add a bit of personalization, chalk markers are the perfect solution. 

You can purchase these in many different colors, which means that everyone will love the personalization that you can provide


Are You Ready to Use Chalk Markers?

Loddie Doddie colored chalk markers variety box

Are you ready to see what all the hype about chalk markers is for yourself? If so, be sure to order yours today and get started. 

You can get started with some of the fun DIY projects available online; however, there’s a good chance you will think of several other ways to use these markers. Let your imagination and creativity take over as you explore all the chalk markers offer. You and your kids will love them and create unique projects together!

Check out some of the exciting projects our customers have created here. Chances are, you’ll want to share your own!

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